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Professional Glass Installer gets the job done right the first time. It’s fast and easy to repair broken glass. We specialize in commercial window services and residential glass repair.

Why should you engage a professional to install and repair glass?

Damage to glass and windows can occur in a variety of ways. Simple wear and tear may generate minor problems, but these little concerns might evolve into serious ones if left unchecked. The repair cost would have increased dramatically by then, compared to the repair cost in the first place. Maintenance and inspections regularly are critical. If you notice any damage to your window, you should consider having it repaired by a professional glass repair company in Seattle, such as Local Glass Repairs. Here are some of the reasons why.

#1. Safety

A cracked window may pose a significant danger to small children and pets. A pet or small child leaning against a shattered window is all it takes to tumble through. This might be dangerous not only to your child or pet but to everyone else in the immediate vicinity. The risk increases significantly if the window is located on the upper floor due to its high possibility of falling.

#2. Security

While a damaged window is an obvious entry point for burglars, covering a hole with wood or card encourages an opportunist thief to get entry and steal whatever they desire. While you may believe the window on the top floor is excessively high, some burglars disagree and may be willing to take the risk.

#3. Energy

Modern windows and glazing are very energy efficient, reducing heat loss in the winter and ensuring that your HVAC or air conditioning system does not have to fight against warm air entering via the windows in the summer. A crack can easily let cold air in and warm air out, increasing your electricity bills and energy consumption.

#4. Cost

Most glazing issues begin as minor concerns, and it only takes a short time or extra damage for them to escalate. Contacting a glass repair company specializing in residential and commercial glass repair in Seattle before the entire window must be replaced is likely the least expensive and most cost-effective option.

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What WE Do

We Are A Full Glass Service

Local Glass Repairs service is beyond your expectation! With Local Glass Repairs LLC, you will get Prompt, professional, on-time service every time.

All of our insulated glass units have a 10-year warranty against failure, and all of our workmanship is backed by our no-hassle Guarantee. Check our glass services reviews.



  • Insulated /Double pane glass replacement.
  • Single pane glass repair in wood, steel, or aluminum framework.
  • Safety glass Tempered or Laminated.
  • Patio door glass repairs/Replacements.
  • Vinyl window installations for your whole house.


  • Laminated, tempered glass & plate glass.
  • Commercial storefront windows and glass entryways.
  • Overhead windows.
  • Wall mirrors for dance halls.
  • Mirrors for studios and gyms.
  • We also offer emergency board-up services.

Other Glass Services

  • Insulated Glass Replacements.
  • Patio Doors, Entry Doors, French Doors.
  • Skylights.
  • Insulated Glass Installations.
  • Complete Energy Saving Packages.
  • Single Pane Glass Repair.
  • Emergency Board up Service.
  • Glass-related services.
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We Help Home Owners & Businesses

We know that your home and business are your safe harbor, and damaged windows destroy the feeling of security. Not to forget, a business with broken glass means a loss of business and potential customers!

The Local Glass Repair team is ready, willing, and able to respond to your emergency call. By calling us, you will have a sense of security that our goal is to secure your home or business. And to replace the window panes and clean up quickly during the emergency service appointment.

On the contrary, if your glass is of a custom nature, we will order panes or components to restore the window. And in the meantime, our response team will secure your premises with our board-up services. Then, once the replacement glass, window, or components arrive, we set up a time to provide a permanent fix.


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