Local Glass Repairs LLC

Local Glass Repairs LLC

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Local Glass Repairs LLC Limited Warranty

Insulated Glass Units are warranted against seal failure for 10 Years from the date of purchase. (Date is stamped inside of units)

Warranty does not include breakage.

This warranty applies to seal failure only. All Insulated glass units must be installed properly into frames with a proper weep system in place. Customers’ names must be on the P.O. at the time of order for the Limited 10-yearw warranty to be in effect. The warranty does not include replacement labor charges. Local Glass Repairs is not responsible for the labor of replacing insulated glass products.

New Vinyl Window Installations Have a Transferable Lifetime warranty against seal failure or defective workmanship. Directly from our manufacturer: Lindsay Windows will work directly with our customers to resolve any issues due to defects or failures of their manufactured products. Ph# 800 332 5787 Click to See Warranty below https://www.lindsaywindowswa.com/warranty

The sealant on our workmanship has a 3-year warranty (it is affected by hot and cold and direct sunlight and requires usual maintenance)

Unpainted or untreated wood installed by Local Glass Repairs has no warranty.

What is Not Covered:

Warranties are not available for any custom structures and or overhead units or lites in sunrooms awnings pool rooms or Fences. Local Glass Repairs will not be held responsible for water damage or existing water damage from working on or near these specific structure types. Warranty does not apply in or around Swimming pools, Saunas and Hot Tubs or other places of extreme moisture or heat (for example BBQ’s) Settling or sagging structures have NO warranty (for example sagging garden window or settling corner of building or house) Local Glass Repairs is not responsible for damages that arise or occur from customer negligence due to lack of maintenance, cleaning, caulking, painting, or keeping weep holes clean in window framework for proper drainage.